Snow angels and flea market shopping

Saturday! And finally some snow and sunshine in Helsinki. One of the best walks you can do in Helsinki on a day like this is to wander around Kaivopuisto neighbourhood and greet the cold sea. This place is wonderful also in the summer – a completely different experience to see all the sunbathing people heading towards the many little islands near Helsinki to have a picnic and a swim and, while waiting for the ferry, eating ice cream from the local Helsingin jäätelötehdas kiosks.

Not it’s January, so you can make some snow angels (check the basic model on the photo) and admire the pale light of the winter sun on the cold water… just beautiful.

To warm up, we dropped by in one of my favourite flee markets, a bit posh but still nice Kaivarin Kanuuna. This time surprisingly, I found nothing for me but the boyfriend found some classic albums by Verve and Oasis for only 1€.

We continued our walk to Wanha Kauppahalli, (The Old Market Hall), where among the many sellers there is a wonderful place to get warm: Soppakeittiö (Soup Kitchen). They offer a menu including a couple of soups every day, and normally the taste does not disappoint you. During the weekends, the queues might be long, though.

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2 thoughts on “Snow angels and flea market shopping

  1. aww i always look through records at flea markets and never find anything. super cool

    • annasofiaj says:

      Yes, it’s possible to find very cheap records at flea markets here in Helsinki – but you have to really look carefully and do some bargaining… well, it’s a lot of fun too! 🙂 Good luck with your record shopping!

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