Smaller dreams in Turku

Last weekend I visited some old university friends in Turku, the old capital of Finland. There I spent 5 years studying my Master’s Degree, having endless coffees and beers with my more or less ambitious university and hippy NGO friends wondering what to do with our lives. Well, I guess we still don’t know…

Those were very good times, but I’m also happy to have finished with the studies, moved on to work in Helsinki and achieving so many new things in my life.


Icicles covering Logomo, Turku Centre for Modern Art.

Going back to Turku is a small nostalgia trip to the past. The same dear friends, bars and restaurants… well, those that are left. It is also a bit disturbing to notice how everything stays the same in the city –  most of my friends still do the same things as we did back then, 10 years ago.

Some have finished their studies and are now working while others are still struggling with their thesis. Some have kids now and are “established”, building their own houses. Some just hang around and work the minimum possible to survive and lead a stressless life. The rhythm in Turku seems quite much slower than in Helsinki, even if the difference in the size of the cities is not that big.

It was good to have long talks with my friends, whom I haven’t seen in years. And I learnt an important lesson. I, who complain a lot about my career, life in general and “the little I’ve achieved in life so far”, should actually STOP complaining right now.

In Turku it is a lot harder getting a job, finding nice new friends or get a new, good boyfriend. So life can easily become monotonous and you loose your faith in that “anything is possible”. As one friend put it “my dreams are smaller than yours”. This made me wonder how can you ever compare the size of dreams? Aren’t all the dreams equally important and big – for the person who dreams them? I hope so.

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