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When is it time to change your job?

As part of my typical spring anxiety, of which I talked yesterday in this blog, a couple of weeks ago I applied for a job – which came out of the blue. Yes, I’d been complaining of various aspects of my current job to my friends over a beer already for some months, but I hadn’t thought of actually doing something so radical as changing job.

In the end, I’m still quite happy working for the NGO – even if some days I’m getting a bit bored and feeling that my capabilities are not being utilized.

Anyway, I applied for a another Communications Officer job, in the Ministry for Internal Affairs, which sounded interesting and would pay “a bit” more than working for an NGO. It was more of a test from my side, but surprisingly they called me for an interview!


Red Star Resume Friday laugh for job interview

Then I really panicked. What if they chose me? Do I really want to go there? How can I leave my actual job so fast? Etc… etc. The typical preoccupations one has at these situations, I guess. The job even came to my dreams.

Last Friday I had the interview, which went ok. But today I got an email from the Ministry announcing that they picked another person for the job. Somehow, I felt during the interview that they wanted someone with more experience… Actually they chose the person who is already doing the job with a temporary contract. So this was very predictable.

Anyway, even if I really didn’t need that job, as I already have a nice one, it always feels bad when you don’t get something – even if you don’t really want it. So this afternoon I’ve been explaining, again and again, to my boyfriend how I honestly didn’t want that job in a boring Ministry post, how I prefer to work with the “good guys” in a NGO and that I believe in the destiny… All in all, it was great to get to the interview, as there where 130 persons who wanted the job – and they interviewed 5.


But getting a taste of something else was an interesting experience for me. The last couple of weeks I’ve been happier in my job than for a long time, knowing that I can go whenever I feel like it. The things that I was sick and tired with (pointless meetings, bureaucracy etc.) don’t matter so much anymore. This is just temporal, I tell myself, and I’m learning how to ignore the boring stuff and concentrate on the interesting aspects of the work. By the way, here’s an interesting article on work boredom on Psychology Today Blog.

In the end, applying for another job was a boost for my self-esteem and to my work motivation. I can recommend it for everyone who is starting to feel a bit bored at her/his job. Right now I appreciate more what I have, but will still keep eyes open in case some great professional challenge comes along. Because I’m worth it! đŸ˜‰


But still, note to self: don’t change jobs before enjoying the long-awaited summer vacation!

PS: For all those who feel just a little bored at work, you might check out I’m Bored at Work.com – there really is a webpage for everything!

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