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Hello sun! The first time in 1,5 months

It’s time to celebrate! Even if it’s Monday. The sun returned: today was the first day in 1,5 months that the Northern part of Finland, like the town of Utsjoki in Lapland, saw the sun. It was for less than an hour, but the light is officially back. From now on every day will bring us more light till arriving to the amazing Midnight Sun in June.

This dark period is called kaamos.

In the northernmost part of Finnish Lapland, the sun is hidden for 51 days every year. That’s extreme stuff, so no wonder Finns might seem “a little strange” especially in the winter.

Here in Helsinki, today we enjoyed 7 hours of sunlight. That’s bearable, when you compare it with the darkest day of the year. From now on, it will get better each day. Today we actually saw the sun in Helsinki: so beautiful that staying inside the office felt a bit bad… well, maybe it was an ok option cause it was -10C outside.

No surprise that kaamos might have negative efforts on us. You feel tired, even get depressed, and you only want to eat and sleep. Some people handle it better than others. Normally, I survive with sleeping more, being good to myself and trying to do more nice things.

Here’s a video telling about life in Lapland, Norway. “When you go to the shop you know that it’s night because then the shop is closed.” Wow.

PS: I took these pictures in Central Finland in a wonderful holiday resort Metsäkartano last New Year. Even they are not from Lapland, the darkness is very noticeable – for us who live in “the South”. But the winter’s magic is there too, absolutely. As they say:

 To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold.

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