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Training at work – take it or take it


Today we had a one-day training on Conscious Email writing at my office. For some reason, only women participated. Yes we have a female majority, but still.

I was kind of looking forward to the training, as I work in communications and thought it might offer useful and concrete methods for writing effective emails. Well, it didn’t. Even if the trainer was a nice young lady with lot of experience in Finnish language and ideas about consciousness and mindfulness to make you more happy with yourself, other people and the universe.

Maybe I just have wrong attitude or am too critical, but I knew this wasn’t for me when we started to drag feelings written on pieces of paper from “a sack of feelings” and then act according to “happy”, “sad”, “frustrated” etc. Then others had to guess which feeling we represented. I felt like a 15-years old on a school camp…


“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.” – Zen Master Shunryo Suzuki. Credit: Dialectic&Therapy

During the day we did lots of writing exercises: writing an happy vs angry email, walking around the block (in a pouring rain) and writing about our good and bad observations. We even ate a raisin – mindfully. This Raisin Exercise is actually quite famous – and sure, it was quite fun. Looking carefully at the raisin, putting it in our mouth and slowly biting and swallowing it… OK, I felt a bit funny but maybe it was my unconscious side fighting against development?

Still, I wasn’t alone with my feelings as two of my communications colleagues also participated the training and shared my “agony”. And two guys who decided not to take part said they were sorry for us girls and laughed that “it’s better not to go to any training” to avoid all that Neo Hippie stuff. “Three years without any training and I’m very happy”, stated the other guy. Anyway, I warned them that starting from now they would receive emails from me filled with love for the universe and positive energy… “Please don’t”, there answer was.

All this said, I think mindfulness, meditation and in general concentrating on the present moment are great things to practise. But you should keep them in a bigger context and not impose the ideas on people in an artificial way… Where does the thin line go? Maybe in how you feel? Today me and my colleagues felt awkward.

OK, I’ve also been to various excellent trainings in my life. Actually just 2 days ago I attended a very interesting seminar on fundraising. What’s do interesting trainings have in common? They challenge you, make you think and offer something completely new – but at the same time useful in your every day work. Today, I felt I’d heard all this stuff many times before and I really couldn’t see myself implementing them in my daily work: I wouldn’t ponder my inner feelings every time I sent an email. Or I wouldn’t analyze people sending me email: their life, dreams, character… At least not in a conscious way.


What is mindfulness? Credit: The Cognitive Therapy Behaviour Partnership.

Ah, luckily it’s weekend! I’m visiting my parents tonight, having a sauna and my mom prepared some fresh asparagus (it’s the period) and an excellent gin tonic for me. I shall fall in bed very soon – unconsciously… Good night!

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